Commissioning a work can be a unique opportunity for your group to connect with a living composer and better understand the construction of a piece.  An added benefit of this process is the opportunity for a conductor to create the first interpretation of a piece without the influence of recordings or previous performances.
Once your group has started rehearsal of a commissioned piece, consider bringing Jonny into your rehearsal for a workshop or a Virtual Q&A Session via webcam.  If cost is a concern, consider combining with other choirs to add a new piece to the repertoire of your local choral community.

To submit a commitment-free inquiry to Jonny, please send him a message using the Contact form.

In your message, please include information about the commission including:
  • Name
  • Organization
  • E-mail Address
  • Desired Voicing and Instrumentation
  • Desired Style
  • Potential Text Considerations
  • Potential Completion Date
  • Brief Description of your Choral Ensemble

Examples of Past Commissions

She Walks in Beauty (2020) - SATB divisi - York College Concert Choir (conducted by Dr. Clark Roush)
Dies Irae (2020) - SATB divisi - PMEA Region 1 Chorus (conducted by Dr. Hae-Jong Lee)
Festival Gloria (2019) - SATB divisi - PMEA Region 5 Chorus (conducted by Dr. Ryan Beeken)
My Heart is Full (2019) - SATB divisi - The Mystical 16: The 1616 Settings of Psalm 116 and Contemporary Versions Concert (Crescendo, conducted by Christine Gevert)
The Star-Spangled Banner (2018) - SATB divisi with String Orchestra - Spirit of America Concert (Stambaugh Chorus, Youngstown State University, conducted by Dr. Hae-Jong Lee)
Echo (2018) - SATB divisi - Fox Chapel Area High School Concert Choir (conducted by Benjamin Murray)
The Star (2017) - SATB divisi - Upper St. Clair Pantheon Choir (conducted by Lorraine Milovac)
New York (2017) - SATB accompanied - Trinity Christian School Choir (conducted by Peter Mahtani)
Angel of Peace (2016) - SATB divisi with String Orchestra - Giving Voice to Peace II Concert (Stambaugh Chorus, Youngstown State University, conducted by Dr. Hae-Jong Lee)
There is a River (2016) - SATB divisi - ACDA-North Central Conference (University of South Dakota Chamber Singers, conducted by Dr. David Holdhusen)
Not Alone (2016) - SATB divisi - PMEA All-State Chorus (conducted by Dr. Ryan Beeken)
Away in the Woods (2016) - SATB divisi - PMEA District 5 Chorus (conducted by Dr. Douglas Browne)
Dreamer (2015) - SATB divisi - Graduate Conducting Recital (conducted by Adam Zagotti)
Sing Your Life's Song (2014) - SAB - Charleroi Area Middle School Chorus (conducted by Jane Staranko)
Verbum (2014) - SATB divisi - Clarksville High School Chamber Singers (conducted by Rebeca Pitts)
Sing As One (2013) - SATB divisi - Singing City Concert (commissioned by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Manfred Honeck)
It Is Well With My Soul (2013) - SATB accompanied - Baldwin High School Alumni Choir (conducted by Kris Tranter)
We Will Serve the Lord (2012) - SATB accompanied with Violin and Cello - Wedding of Robbie and Kate Hackman
Ausencia de Penelope (2009) - SATB accompanied - Commissioned by Alexander Diaz Gomez

"It has been my privilege to work with Jonny Priano on several of his manuscripts.  I find his music to be deeply moving and inspirational while at the same time interesting both melodically and harmonically.  Beyond this, Jonny is a joy to work with.  He is very giving of his time and provides valuable insights into his music while also allowing the conductor and ensemble to form a unique interpretation and express his music in a way that is deeply personal.  Each time my ensemble has performed a piece he has written for us, the choir has fallen in love.  This is a testament not only to the beauty of his music, but also the passion with which he writes and the humility of his soul."

-Dr. David Holdhusen, conductor, University of South Dakota Chamber Singers



"In 2012, I was asked to secure a commissioned choral work for Singing City.  This event was produced by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and featured a 2,000 voice choir.  Jonny created a gorgeous a cappella selection, Sing As One.  The process was a complete joy because he listened carefully to what we wanted, chose an appropriate text, and allowed us to be a part of the process, a true collaboration."

-Christine Hestwood, co-director of Singing City

"I had always enjoyed Jonny's music while we were graduate students together so I asked if he would be interested in composing a new piece for my conducting recital. I pitched an idea of a piece with no text, all neutral syllables. He rose to the challenge and the resulting work is glorious. Throughout the process he kept in touch and always asked for my input. I look forward to collaborating with Jonny again in the future."

-Adam Zagotti 

"Jonny Priano's music is heartfelt, accessible and yet provides appropriate challenges for choirs. Choristers LOVE learning and performing his works and as conductor, I have found learning and teaching his music to be both joyous and stimulating! If you ever find yourself with the opportunity to program a Priano piece, do it without hesitation; better yet, commission him!"

-Dr. Ryan Beeken, conductor, Indiana University of Pennsylvania