It is always rewarding to see a project come to fruition, especially when it has as much meaning as this piece.  From that first moment of musical inspiration in June until the performance of Lullaby six months later, I had the joy of watching my wife’s baby bump grow, hearing the baby’s heartbeat at each doctor’s appointment, seeing the outline of his little face at each ultrasound, and finally getting to meet him.  Similarly, a new group of students walked through my door on the first day of school and I had the opportunity to watch them form friendships, unify their voices, grow into a choral family, and I was even standing onstage with all 117 of them during a dress rehearsal when I received the text that it was time to head to the hospital.  It was an honor to celebrate the birth of my first child with all of “my other kids” through the rehearsal and performance of Lullaby.  The analogy of the choir growing and progressing through rehearsal as Luca grew and developed in Ashley’s womb may seem a bit cheesy, but the birth of a baby and the creation of music are each a miracle in their own way.  It is easy to take the hard work (and physics) behind a musical performance for granted and this piece reminded me of the amazing things that a group of kids can create when they are united in their love of music.  Enjoy this performance by the magnificent University of South Dakota Chamber Singers!